Workshop : Memory and Perception: Starting the Conversation

18 mars 2020 - 19 mars 2020
Organizers : André Sant'Anna, Kourken Michaelian

The intersection between the philosophy of memory and the philosophy of perception is a potentially fruitful domain of research. The question of how the content of memory differs from the content of perception, the question of whether memory and perception are representational states, and the question of whether memory involves a form of “re- experiencing” the past are, to give just a few examples, among the many important philosophical questions sitting at the intersection between these two areas. However, despite its importance and fruitfulness, research exploring the relationship between the philosophy of memory and the philosophy of perception has been scarce in the recent literature. Thus, by bringing together leading philosophers in each of these areas, the present workshop attempts to get the conversation started on topics of shared interest to philosophers of memory and philosophers of perception, with the goal of promoting future philosophical research on the subject.

Registration is free, but space is limited. To register, please contact André Sant'Anna at by 28 February 2020



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