Séminaire international

How progressive are multi-dimensional accounts of autonomy? Transnational feminist critiques, and commercial surrogacy

le 15 avril 2021
de 10h30 à 12h
Herjeet MARWAY University of Birmingham, Royaume-Uni
‘Multidimensional’ accounts of autonomy offer multiple, rather than unitary, dimensions along which to measure autonomy (Killmister, 2018; Mackenzie, 2014). Such accounts are significant developments in the literature and help generate nuanced, degree-based theories of autonomy. However, transnational feminists – those theorising feminism in light of postcolonialism and global neoliberalism – may raise concerns about multidimensional accounts for women of colour. For instance, there may be worries about the extent to which Western concepts apply to non-Western women and the implicit individualism that still lurks in Western theories (Mohanty, 2003). Sympathetic to both non-unitary autonomy and transnational feminist projects, I argue multidimensional accounts can be salvaged from such critiques with two amendments. First, they can adopt what I label a ‘critical-intrinsic‘ relational framing, and second, they can include intersectional identities. Using commercial surrogates in India as an example, I show how these amendments to multidimensional theories might better serve these women of colour and become a tool for feminist solidarity.  


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