Séminaire international

The is and oughts of remembering

le 26 novembre 2020
10h30 à 12H
In this paper, I will offer a view of remembering inspired by REC—the Radical Enactive/Embodied view of cognition proposed recently by Dan Hutto and myself.
According to the view I’ll defend, all memory is, ultimately, a form of knowhow. Explicit memory, though not fundamentally different from procedural memory, can be shown to be a special kind of procedural memory. Only some forms of explicit memory are subject to the special kind of normativity of being assessable for truth or falsity (or equivalent notions). But such involving of content requires the presence of special socio-culturally developed practices of truth-telling. There are other mnemonic values, constitutively enabled by a variety of sociocultural practices whose primary aim is not epistemic. All mnemonic values are pragmatic and context sensitive. I’ll show how my view leaves no room for memory skepticism,  and will detail how it construes the link between remembering and imagining.


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