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Santiago ARANGO-MUÑOZ, Universidad de Antioquia (Medellín – Colombia)

Séminaire, Séminaire international

On October 18, 2018


Feeling the mind: an experience-based account of metacognition

Universidad de Antioquia (Medellín – Colombia)
Feeling the mind: an experience-based account of metacognition
Jeudi 18 octobre de 10h30 à 12h
Salle B1, bât. ARSH
Feeling that you are about to remember or forget something, evaluating your mnemonic, perceptual and reasoning capacities, judging that you are good or bad at solving mental problems are all examples of metacognitive episodes. Whenever you evaluate your state of knowledge, you engage in metacognition. In this talk I going to present my research on metacognition. First, I’m going to present a feeling-based theory of metacognition: according to this view subjects monitor their cognitive processes by means of metacognitive feelings. Then, in the second part of my talk, I’m going to characterize these feelings. Finally, as a case study, I will show how metacognitive feelings guide memory retrieval.



On October 18, 2018


Complément lieu
Salle B1, bât. ARSH
1281 Av. Centrale, Domaine universitaire de Saint Martin d'Hères

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