The école doctorale de philosophie (Doctoral School of Philosophy): a regional doctoral school

Graduates from the Rhône-Alpes Region who are studying for a PhD in Philosophy are attached to the “Philosophie : histoire, représentation, creation” (“Philosophy: history, representation and creation”) Doctoral School, which includes the Lyon 3 and Grenoble-Alpes Universities, and the Lyon ENS (Graduate School).
Its headquarters are located at Lyon 3 University.
This original arrangement was created in order to foster a dynamic between the various philosophy research laboratories, and to benefit from a region rich in centres dedicated to the study of this discipline.

The Grenoble branch of the école doctorale de philosophie

The IPhiG caters for graduates studying for a PhD in Philosophy at the Grenoble University site.
Professor Inga Römer is the director of the Grenoble branch of the ED de Philosophie, and Professor Philippe Saltel is the assistant director.
We have around 20 PhD students, and 3 to 6 thesis defences annually.

On this site you will find information on the PhD programme, on thesis enrolment and re- enrolment, on the joint supervision of theses, on PhD studies, on funding and on defence methods.

Any questions should be addressed to the administrative manager at the Grenoble branch of the ED de Philosophie:
Valérie Perret:
+33 (0)438 421 942