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Defence Procedure

Registration of your jury

Two months before the defence, you must inform the ADUM:

In your personal space, please complete the section “I will be defending my thesis within 3 months”.
Please check that the title is perfectly correct;
Enter the date, time, room, etc.;
Enter the names, qualifications, contact details, etc. of the members of the jury;
Register your thesis;
Complete the résumés (in French and in English).

Forward to the IPhiG:

- The composition of the jury, signed by yourself and your thesis supervisor;
- The author’s declaration prior to the defence and the authorisation for the dissemination of the thesis;
- Please check that all your training course hours (120 in total) have been validated.


Composition of the jury

- The rapporteurs
The 2 rapporteurs must be doctors with the titles DR or HDR (directors of research or directors of research qualified to evaluate theses) from outside the Doctoral School and Grenoble-Alpes University.
Rapporteurs from foreign Higher Education or research institutions may be called upon.
The thesis must be sent to the rapporteurs 8 weeks before the defence. It will be sent by the IPhiG, and will be accompanied by a letter setting the date for the return of the preliminary reports.
These preliminary reports will be communicated to the jury and the candidate prior to the defence.

- The jury
Members of the jury number between 4 and 8 (including the thesis supervisor).
Its composition:
- at least half of its French or foreign members are from outside the Doctoral School and Grenoble-Alpes University.
- at least half are university professors or the equivalent.
Its composition must allow for the equal representation of women and men.
Thesis supervisors participate in the defence but are not involved in decisions.

Presentation of the thesis

Once these details have been entered in your account, you will find a pre-filled cover page in your ADUM personal space, which corresponds to the UGA charter.
A guide to the presentation of theses is available on: under section “thesis”

Defence date

This is set by the thesis supervisor, following consultation with the members of the jury and the candidate.

Enrolment at the University

- For a defence before the 31 December, the previous academic year’s enrolment remains valid.
- For a defence after the 1st January, enrolment is compulsory.

Submission and registration of the thesis at the library

Theses are submitted solely via electronic means, via the ADUM, via your Personal Account.
First submission: the thesis must be registered 3 weeks before the defence at the latest, in a single pdf.
Second submission: a 2nd submission must be made following the thesis defence. If the jury has requested corrections, you have 3 months to correct your thesis and make the 2nd submission. Otherwise, you simply need to add the name of the Chairman of the jury to the first page of the thesis. The awarding of the degree is conditional on this second submission.

CNU (National Council of Universities): qualifying to become a senior lecturer

PLEASE NOTE: if you are planning to apply to the CNU to become a senior lecturer, remember to consult the calendar and terms and conditions on the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation’s Galaxy website.
General guidelines :
- Bear in mind that preliminary enrolments must take place between September and mid-October
- Defence deadlines are set each year by the Ministry, around 10 December. You are strongly advised to allow sufficient time, between the defence and the deadline for sending in your application form, for the defence jury to write the final defence report.

The awarding of degrees

The defence certificate is issued to the candidate by the Doctoral College upon receipt of the minutes and the final defence report drawn up by the Chairman of the jury, and once the 2nd submission of the thesis has been made. Degrees are awarded automatically at the end of the calendar year.
A doctor’s degree certificate shows: the defence institution, the specialism or discipline, the title of the thesis, the names and titles of the members of the jury and whether it was jointly supervised.

Following the defence

Please update your ADUM account to include any changes in your professional activities and/or contact details during the five years following your defence. This will enable the secretariat at the Doctoral School to carry out essential tracking activities in order to assist and guide future PhD students.

Submitted on February 7, 2024

Updated on February 7, 2024