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Joint supervision theses

The international joint supervision of a thesis makes it possible to carry out research work within two institutions, Grenoble-Alpes University and a foreign university. Students are catered for at two research laboratories and their work is supervised by two thesis supervisors. Following a single defence at one of the two universities, PhD students will receive two doctorates.

Agreements: joint supervision agreements must be drawn up prior to initial enrolment for a thesis. They are established between the two partner institutions, for a period of 3 years.

The stages involved in setting up an agreement:
1/ A model agreement is completed by the PhD student, in consultation with his/her two supervisors,
2/ The agreement is then sent for proofreading to the Grenoble branch of the Doctoral School (Valérie Perret), who will then send it to the Doctoral College for legal validation,
3/ Six copies of the agreement are published and then signed by the various partners.

Enrolment: students must enrol for their doctorate every year, at each of the two institutions concerned (enrolment fees are, however, paid in alternate years at each of the two institutions). Applicants who do not hold a French M2 must first apply for a Masters exemption (please refer to the thesis enrolment procedure).

Mobility: Research work is divided into alternating periods spent at each of the two institutions. As far as possible, equal time – or at least a minimum of 30% of the total time — must be spent at each of the institutions.

Writing the thesis: the language in which the thesis is to be written is defined in the agreement. When this language is not French, students must also provide a 60-page résumé written in French.

Defence of a thesis: a thesis is subject to a single defence. Following this defence, the contracting institutions simultaneously award their doctorates.

Your contact, for any questions as well as for the drafting of joint supervision agreements: (Marjolaine Lacombe)

Submitted on February 7, 2024

Updated on February 7, 2024