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The Pistes Review

Pistes is a review specialising in contemporary philosophy inclusive of tradition. It publishes thematic issues which may include varia. Its editorial line is the promotion of marginal and thought-provoking subjects, rather than well-established lines of research. In other words, it demonstrates a distinct preference for relatively new subjects which are thought-provoking in terms of their reconfiguration of existing debates. The review’s particular stance is thus to contribute to the opening up of philosophically rich but largely uncovered fields by promoting authors, notions, issues and debates that are frequently neglected by, and also outside, French-language philosophy. This approach naturally includes the possibility of integrating philosophy into interdisciplinary work with the humanities and natural sciences. Articles in English are accepted.
The review is published once a year by Vrin.

Governance :

  • Publication manager: Marlène Jouan
  • Editorial committee: Thomas Boccon-Gibod, Céline Bonicco-Donato, Bruno Ambroise, Denis Perrin
  • Scientific committee: Denis Vernant, Bruno Gnassounou, Severin Schroeder, Constantine Sandis, Eléonore Le Jallé, Marianne Massin, Yves Winkin, Joelle Zask, Stéphane Haber, Magali Bessone, Roberto Frega, Jérôme Dokic

First issue : Thierry Ménissier (dir.), Éthique, politique, philosophie des techniques

N. 2/2022 : Reigeluth Tyler, & Benlaksira Seddik (dir.), Intelligence artificielle : que faire de la transparence technique ?

N. 3/2023 : Rémi Clot-Goudard (dir.), Denis Vernant en dialogues Logique, pragmatique, praxéologie

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Submitted on February 6, 2024

Updated on February 6, 2024