Reference in Remembering Workshop

30 juin 2022 - 2 juillet 2022

Day 1 – Thursday June 30th
Location: MACI Amphitheatre, Université Grenoble Alpes.
09:20–09:30. Welcome.
09:30–10:40. François Recanati, ‘Pure memory’.
10:40–11:00. Coffee break.
11:00–12:10. Nikola Andonovski, ‘Engrams as mental files: A moderately optimistic proposal’.
12:10–13:30. Lunch.
13:30–14:40. Rachel Goodman (and Aidan Gray), ‘Thinking (and filing) across time’.
14:40–15:50. Michael Barkasi, ‘Remembering what your brain doesn’t’.
15:50–16:10. Coffee break.
16:10–17:20. Sarah Robins, ‘The target of remembering’.
19:30. Dinner reservation.

Day 2 – Friday July 1st
Location: MACI Amphitheatre, Université Grenoble Alpes.
09:30–10:40. Kristina Liefke & Markus Werning, ‘Parasitic mnemonic reference’.
10:40–11:00. Coffee break.
11:00–12:10. Kourken Michaelian & James Openshaw, ‘Reconstructing reference’.
12:10–13:30. Lunch.
13:30–14:40. Imogen Dickie, ‘The role of episodic memory in present-tense demonstrative thought’.
Group activity, followed by flexible evening plans.

Day 3 – Saturday July 2nd
Location: CTL Amphitheatre, Université Grenoble Alpes.
09:00–10:10. Christoph Hoerl, ‘Singular thought without temporal representation?’
10:10–10:30. Coffee break.
10:30–11:40. Denis Perrin (and Christopher McCarroll), ‘Veridical remembering: Accuracy and authenticity in episodic memory’.
11:40–12:50. Manuel García-Carpintero, ‘Memory-based reference, IEM and presupposition-failure’.

Organisers : James Openshaw ; Kourken Michaelian ; Denis Perrin.


Day 1 and 2: MACI Amphitheatre, Université Grenoble Alpes
Day 3: CTL Amphitheatre, Université Grenoble Alpes
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